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NO CCTV - 1984 Action Day, June 8th

Click image to find out about 1984 Action Day

1984 Action Day - 8th June

1984 Pulp Cover - David Dunnico

8th June is the anniversary of the publication of George Orwell's novel '1984'. The date will be marked by protests against CCTV cameras and other surveillance, by groups from around the world.

To get involved contact No CCTV at

1984 Action Day is an annual event - it came about after a meeting of campaigners opposed to surveillance cameras at the Freedom Not Fear event in Brussels in September 2011. For more information see:

George Orwell described his book as an illustration:
"of the perversions to which a centralized economy is liable and which have already been partly realized in Communism and Fascism. I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will arrive, but I believe (allowing of course for the fact that the book is a satire) that something resembling it could arrive. I believe also that totalitarian ideas have taken root in the minds of intellectuals everywhere, and I have tried to draw these ideas out to their logical consequences."

As society continues towards the "logical consequences" of which Orwell warned, campaigners will be asking:"When will you fight back?"

Image by David Dunnico


Action Ideas


    Easy to do - all you need is a copy of 1984!

    Simply select some passages and quotes from Nineteen Eighty-Four which have relevance to the contemporary surveillance society.

    During readings anti-surveillance flyers can be handed out to passers by.


    'Authority figures' dressed in dark suits, shirts and ties - with a camera in place of a head.

    Why is it that people tend to feel differently about camera surveillance if someone (i.e. a visible person) is filming them, as opposed to something (a video camera)?

    A human body with a camera for a head makes this point very well. Wear a dark suit to represent government or 'authority'. This works well if there is a small group of people with camera heads.

    Seattle artist Paul Strong came up with a clever way of driving home the problems of surveillance cameras in public spaces. His Camerahead Project consists of "agents" wearing giant surveillance camera props on their heads, deployed in locations where the city government has installed cameras to drive home just how pervasive and downright creepy surveillance can be.




    Be as creative as you like, but get the message across on International 1984 Action Day.

    Suggested plackards/ signs:

    'Just on my way home/shopping/waiting for a bus'

    'going about my lawful business'

    'George Orwell was right!'

    Giant foam hands / pointing finger: to point out cctv cameras

    The Surveillance Camera Players ( hold signs up in front of CCTV cameras which allow them to both perform to passers by and to remind the watchers that they too are being studied.

    This process is called "Guerilla Programming of Video Surveillance Equipment" - "a group of individuals create a scenario and act it out using surveillance cameras as if they were their own, as if they were producing their own program, and as if the audience consisted of security personnel, police, school principals, residents of upper-class high security neighborhoods, and the producers and salespeople of the security systems themselves."


    From something as simple as a paper bag over your head...

    - Paper bag potato printing (
    Create your exciting personal tool against CCTV surveillance and face recognition using a paper bag and a potato!

    - Pixelated balaclava (

    - Dazzle hats - anonymise your face with LED lights (


    London: NoToMob - bikers highlight CCTV spy cars as protest:

    Berlin: Large-scale, organied public demonstration: 'Freedom Not Fear', Berlin:

    Community protest / public demonstration against surveillance cameras imposed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA: and

    Florida: Locals protest against Red Light cameras in Tampa, Florida, USA:




    Let us know your ideas - whether straightforward and simple or ingeniously creative!



1984 Action Day Promo Video for 2016

[ The embed code for this video is available at (click on share icon to right of video) ]



1984 Action Day Promo Video for 2015

[ The embed code for this video is available at (click on share icon to right of video) ]


1984 Action Day Promo Video for 2014

1984 Action Day Promo - 8th June 2014 from George Ogden on Vimeo.

[ The embed code for this video is available at (click on share icon to right of video) ]


1984 Action Day in 2014

human cctv - 1984 Action Day
* In 2014 Once again No CCTV were out performing a human CCTV street theatre stunt in Birmigham, UK. Events also took place in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and more . Some details can be found at the 1984 Action Day website (though we're a bit behind in posting updates):


1984 Action Day in 2013

human cctv - 1984 Action Day
* In 2013 No CCTV staged a human CCTV street theatre stunt in Birmingham, UK. Photos can be seen at of this stunt and others around the world can be found at the 1984 Action Day website:


1984 Action Day in 2012

panopticon photography
* In 2012 No CCTV staged a stunt in Birmingham, posing as a photographic company (Panopticon Photography) "selling" CCTV photos to members of the public (via Data Protection Act requests). Details of this stunt and others around the world can be found at the 1984 Action Day website:

Maupa the inquisitive monkey
The 2012 Action Day also saw the launch of the 'We Watch' website, created by German designer Julia Lowczycka as an information strategy for Londoners' to inform them about CCTV surveillance and how to protect their privacy. The site includes an interactive flash environment called 'Maupa's World' which features Maupa the inquisitive monkey "who knows all about surveillance".

The 'We Watch' website is at



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